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Custom Balloon Styling + Event Design in Regina, Saskatchewan


BBYQR Signature Balloon - $40 EACH

Signature Balloon Add Ons

Choice of one:

Upgrade Options

  • Supersize It!: Upgrade your XL balloon to 30” - $10

  • Glitter it up: Upgrade your XL balloon to be filled with glitter for extra pizazz - $5

  • Fill it with Confetti: Upgrade your XL balloon to be filled with round or square confetti. Colours of your choice - $5

Please note that the total float time of a confetti balloon is less than a non-confetti balloon.

Gender Reveal Balloons – $50 EACH

  • XL opaque black balloon

  • Custom script, tassel, and weight included

  • Script ideas include “It’s A…”, “We’re having a…” “Baby ___”,

  • Filled with heaps of confetti (blue, pink, or whatever you feel like!)

  • Pin for popping included!

Once you confirm your order, simply drop your sealed envelope in our mailbox with your first and last name on the outside.


A deluxe 10 balloon bouquet featuring a mixture of confetti, glitter, chrome, marble, and foil balloons in the colours of your choice. Fancy!

Garlands and Backdrops

A great way to decorate a space and add some “wow”! to your space or event. Garlands and backdrops can start small or grow to be large! Prices dependent on size and detail. Please message us directly to see what we can create for you!

Anything else!

Saw something on Pinterest? Send us a photo and we will do our best to make it happen and provide you with a quote. 


OTHER Available Products

Balloon bouquets and bunches

Confetti balloons

Themed foils 

Foil shapes

Foil numbers and letters


Archways: Pearl or spiral


Our Services

You are unique and your balloons should be too! We work with each client to create custom balloon designs that suit your theme, event, venue, and budget. 

Our services include: detailed quotes and estimates, on-site/in-person consultations, concept design, delivery, on-site set up, and product pick-up and tear down following event.  

Have questions about delivery? Visit our FAQ page!